I Am Beginning To Think We Are Doing This Wrong

Battle Time!

Be prepared for anything…

I am feeling overwhelmed.

I just finished one Wired magazine on my iPad, while thinking guiltily about Seth Godin’s free ebook I downloaded and started about a week ago. Half way through the last article, the app throws up a little announcement that the next issue is ready for download. Oh, while we are at it EW‘s latest issue is ready, too. Gotta start thinking about what movies I don’t want to go see next week.

Then, there is the folder of web comics that I check in with regularly. PVPonline, Sinfest, Romantically Apocolyptic: they are all part of my plan for relaxing and tickling the ole funny bone, right?

Meanwhile, Facebook has notified me of five responses to the pictures I posted during the arts reception I attended last night. (two from my mother, two from people who wished they were there, and one from someone who is a “friend” but I have no clue as to who she is or if we have ever actually met.)

And, I am starting to think I should probably check my email, LinkedIn, and browse twitter, even though it is Sunday morning, and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.

Did I mention the Wired article about Reddit? Looks like a promising new time suck of informational overload.

Crap! Almost forgot my YouTube subscriptions. You know, freddyw‘s work was a lot stronger middle of last year. Or, maybe that’s because that is when I discovered him and watched his entire channel in two days. All this waiting for a week between updates is killing me.

Time to check email again. The weather app says rain today, so lawn work can go to hell. Ah, no new mentions about Story X anywhere. I really should start scripting the next graphic novel. I do have this idea… I wonder if there is a handy script/storyboard/production app in the iTunes store (there are several that look promising).

No new mentions on twitter, but I have been retweeted a couple of times. Oh, the last one was a week ago.

Did I mention that I was feeling a little overwhelmed? Oh, I smell coffee. And, waffles! Pots and pans are banging down stairs and one of my boys is complaining about whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher.

What am I doing up here in bed, anyway? What human interaction have I actually accomplished so far this morning?



Matt McKee
Photo Illustrator at McKee Photography, husband and father, not necessarily in that order.

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