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10 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Blog Without + 7 Worthwhile Extras

Unless you’re extremely proficient with PHP you are probably going to be reaching for plugins when creating websites in WordPress. At the same time you will want to keep the amount of plugins you use to a minimum due to the fact that plugins eat up processing power and increase
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The Scientific Method of UX According to Laura Klein

 What is design? Asking what design means resembles asking for an answer that defines the meaning of life. Both questions lead seekers down a rabbit hole of undefined paradoxes. But design, on a less esoteric level, can prove a practical affair that interweaves human psychology and e
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What One Question Do You Ask Yourself When You’re Creating a Lasting Company Brand

It’s important to not overlook the importance of social media in the world of modern day marketing. If in case you still regard social media as a passing fad among a younger demographic, think again. According to Cisco, half the world will be connected to the Internet by 2017. And tho
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Is Your Website Speaking to Your Prospects?

I got to thinking this morning about how some SMBs (Small & Medium Sized businesses) are still losing out on potential real consumers buying their product because their web site is non-exsistent, out of date, or at the least not speaking to the right prospects. Either it’s o
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